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I can't sign in to BigTent

Javier Vegas
posted this on April 14, 2010, 02:35


If you cannot sign in to access your group on BigTent, check out these possible issues and solutions:


If you forgot your password

  • Click “forgot your password?” below the sign-in box.



  • Enter the email address you use with BigTent, and enter the text in the image exactly as displayed. Then click "Reset Password."


  • Check your email for a message from "BigTent" (no_reply@lists.bigtent.com), which will contain a link to reset your password and instructions. Please check your spam folder if you cannot find this email. If you only allow approved people to send you email, make sure you're allowing emails from the bigtent.com domain. Check out this article to learn more about allowing emails from BigTent:  



If you have successfully reset your password but still cannot sign in

Please delete the cookies in your Web browser. This shouldn't take more than a minute to complete. Follow the steps below:

1. Navigate away from BigTent (e.g., go to www.google.com).

2. Follow the directions below for your specific Web browser:

Internet Explorer:

- Click "Tools" (located on the far right side of your IE toolbar).

- Go to the bottom of the menu and select "Internet Options."


- Go to the "Browsing History" section and click "delete," then click "Delete Cookies."ie_instruc_2.jpg

Mozilla Firefox 3.0:

- Click "Tools" (located on the top menu bar) and select "Clear Private Data."


- Select "Cookies" and uncheck the rest of the boxes.

- Click "Clear Private Data."


Mozilla Firefox 3.5:

- Click "Tools" (located on the top menu bar) and select "Clear Recent History."

- Choose “Everything” for the “Time range to clear.”

- Select "Cookies" and uncheck the rest of the boxes.

- Click "Clear Now."



- Click "Safari" (located on the top menu bar) and select "Preferences."

- Click "Show Cookies" and wait for a new pop-up box to display.

- Click "Remove All" and click "Remove All" again when you get a prompt.

- Click "Done."


3. Go back to www.bigtent.com and try to log in again.



If you are prompted to create a BigTent account:


  • This means that you've been added to a group on BigTent but have not yet created your account or password. "Click here to set up your BigTent account...."
  • Enter your email address and click "Send." We'll send you an email with a link to activate your account. Please note: We send these emails from "BigTent" (no_reply@lists.bigtent.com), so please check your spam folder if you cannot find it.



If your login information is erased when you try to sign in and nothing happens

  • Please make sure your browser has cookies enabled
  • Open your browser settings and go to the "Privacy" area. You can allow cookies from all sites, or just ones that you approve, like www.bigtent.com
  • If you're using Internet Exploerer (IE), make sure your privacy slider is set to "Medium High" or lower.
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